TBS Tracer- Emergency Update

If you run a update for the TBS Tracer it can happen that the update get corrupted or stops for many reasons. Therefore TBS has implemented an easy ways to get the receiver back to live.

Every receiver stores a specific, „golden“ firmware inside. These golden firmwares getting updated from time to time.
With this, you can run a emergency update without the need for any additional hardware.

How to:

  1. Hold the „bind“ button

  2. Power up the receiver

    The led starts to flash rapidly

  3. Release the button

    for about 1-2 seconds

  4. Push and hold the button again

    The green led starts to flash in a double-pattern. When it starts to flash rapidly again, you can release the button

  5. Wait till the update is finished

    When the reciver finished the update it will flash slowly

  6. Now the receiver is ready to bind

    You should power-cycle the receiver to avoid issues. After this the receiver is in bind mode