TBS Fusion – initiate the wifi modul

The Crossfire got a wifi modul inside anso does the Fusion. This allows the communication with the Crossfire Tx.


To initiate the wifi modul and start the TBS Cloud you need a few thing:
Fusion Modul
– Fusion fw 1.0 or later
– The Firmware-files for the Fusion
Agent X to update it

initiate the wifi modul

  1. Power supply for the Fusion

    Make sure you usb port can supply egnouth power for the Fusion and the wifi modul. In case it’s not that strong you can power the Fusion by your goggles. All goggles – except for the HD0 2 and the Orqa 1 need the deliverd power mod modul installed in them.

  2. Update the Fusions

    Update the Fusion modul by the Agent X to fw 0.28 or later

  3. Activate the wifi modul

    Enter the menu and navigate to settings/ wifi. Push the joystick to change it to „on“

  4. Search for the network

    Das Fusion stellt jetzt ein Netzwerk mit dem Namen „TBS_Fusion_AP_XXXXXXX“

  5. Connect to the Fusion wifi

    Connect your pc to the fusion network

  6. Visit the Crossfire web page

    open your browser and visit „“

  7. Upload the firmware

    Click on „select firmware“ and select the extrackted *.bin file.
    here’s the link again:

  8. Start the update

    Click on „update“ and wait for a few seconds. The webpage will show you „update succesfull“ after a few seconds

  9. Wait for the reboot

    Do NOT turn off your Fusion Modul or radio. Wait for the new network to appear

  10. Done

Now you peraired the wifi modul and the Fusion for the connectiong with the Fusion modul. You now can connect your wifi modul to any network – the best would be your mobile phone as hotspot. The easyest way to connect it to a network is by Agent X or by the web-ui. When you done this you can connect your crossfire to the fusion and use the new features. Here you can read how to do this

The Video version


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4 Antworten zu “TBS Fusion – initiate the wifi modul”

  1. This is great info. All of your info has been super helpful. Thank you.

    Following up on your conversation with TBS, were you able to convince them to create a manual?

    I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do this on the micro crossfire or fusion as a new person in the hobby.

  2. I made it till step 9 and other netwotk did not shown and now everything works but not wifi.
    I tryed with new firmware update but nothing works and I can not start wifi again. Have you got any idea how to restart wifi and all proces

    • sounds like a issues during the updating. i’ll have a talk with tbs to publish a manual on how to fix this.

      as you subscripted to my mails you’ll get a e-mail when this manual is out 🙂

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