TBS Fusion – initiate the wifi modul

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  1. David Pearce sagt:

    This is great info. All of your info has been super helpful. Thank you.

    Following up on your conversation with TBS, were you able to convince them to create a manual?

    I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do this on the micro crossfire or fusion as a new person in the hobby.

  2. Marcin Podolski sagt:

    Cool 😀

  3. Marcin Podolski sagt:

    I made it till step 9 and other netwotk did not shown and now everything works but not wifi.
    I tryed with new firmware update but nothing works and I can not start wifi again. Have you got any idea how to restart wifi and all proces

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      sounds like a issues during the updating. i’ll have a talk with tbs to publish a manual on how to fix this.

      as you subscripted to my mails you’ll get a e-mail when this manual is out 🙂

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