TBS Fusion – connect to the Crossfire – english version

The Crossfire and the Fusion got A WiFi modul iside which now came alive.

What you need

  • The WiFi Modul of the Crossfire need to be initialiced – How To
  • Same for the Fusion WiFi Modul – How To
  • The Fusion needs to be on FW 1.0 or later
  • The Crossfire needs FW 3.34 or later
  • You need a WiFi hotspot with internet connection
  • A TBS (shop) account, that is assignt to your agent – sign up
  • USB cable to connect the fusion and the crossfire

Connect your devices to the hotspot

Verbinden der Module

  1. Before we start

    Power up both devices – the Fusion i your goggles, the crossfire in your radio

  2. Activate the Fusion WiFi

    Navigate in the Fusion menu to „Settings/ WiFi“ and activate the WiFi modul

  3. Connect your pc to the device

    The Crossfire and the Fusion opens a WiFi network (TBS_Crossfire_XXX and TBS_Fusion_XXXX). Connect yourselfe with one of them.
    On Windows this can take up to a minute.

  4. Open your web browser

    Visit „

  5. Connect the device to your hotspot

    Under „WiFi“ you can search for avalible hotspots with a click on „Scan“. Click on the network name and then enter the password. With „Connect“ your device will connect to the hotspot.

  6. Check the connection

    Reload the page – under „WiFi“ you’ll see the connected network and the assigned ip adress

  7. Repeade

    Now that the first device is conencted, repeade the steps with the second one

  8. Connect them to the Agent X

    All devices need to be connected to the Agent X at least once. This also applys to the WiFi devices.

  9. Synchronization with the Cloud

    Now that all devices are connected to the Agent X they need to synchronize with the Cloud and your user account.
    You can see the status in the overview of the Agent X:

    gray: not connected
    yellow: connected but not yet synchronized
    green: connected and synchronized