TBS Crossfire- Lua Setup ENGLISH

Hier findest du die deutsche Anleitung.

The TBS Eco System from the Core to the Crossfire is a great system that works flawless.

Now it has become a new Feature: You can do all the Setting of the Crossfire and the Unify Pro by the Display of the Taranis


The following Functions are only possible with the latest Beta for the Crossfire, the Core/ FPVIsion and the FrSky Taranis


To use these Functions, you need the following soft- and hardware requirements:

TBS Crossfire – FW 1.62
Taranis – OpenTX 2.2
TBS Core – FW 1.70
FPVision – FW 1.70

TBS Core with SmartAudio (purchased after 07/2015)

The manuals on how to install the latest beta firmware can be found here:
(German- use Google translator)

TBS Crossfire/ Core Pro/ FPVision

FrSky Taranis


When you are finished with the Updates you need to connect all your devices like in the Picture:

Core mit Zubehör
The Crossfire needs to be connected to the Core/ FPVision by BST and the Unify Pro with audio and ground Wire (minimum).

Hold the “Menu” Button on the Taranis for a few seconds till the Transmitter settings opens.

On Page 2 you will find the all your Folders. Open the one named “Crossfire”Taranis Bild 0001

Hold „Enter“ on the „cossfire.lua” till the Menu pops up.
Press „Enter“ again to start the Script.
Taranis Bild 0002

Now all the connected Devices will be shown
Taranis Bild 0003

Menu Struckture
Taranis Bild 0004

Taranis Bild 0005

Taranis Bild 0006

Taranis Bild 0007

Taranis Bild 0008

Taranis Bild 0009

All the Changes will be set when you leave the Menu.



  • No Picture after you change the VTX Frequency to „Race low”
    • Actually, only the Unify Pro Race can be set to Race Low
      • Set the Frequency to User Freq

Now you can use them

  • The Script shows only a few/ no connected Parts
    • Is everything on the latest Beta firmware?
    • Have you purchased the
    • core before 08/2015?
      • Since 08/2015 the Core has a new Chip inside to work with the newer Cam´s
        This version doesn’t have the SmartAudio Function
    • Is the Bridge inside the Core on “Telem”?
      • You can´t use SmartAudio and normal Audio at the same Time