TBS Crossfire – Initiate the WiFi Modul -english version

(Allmost) all Crossfire transmitter got a hidden WiFi modul inside which hase never been used. Now – with the launch of the Fusion modul it’s time to release it and unlock the new features.

At the end of this aricle you’ll find this how-to as video

Transmitters without WiFi modul

The first standard tx units ain’t got the wifi modul installed. If you got a micro tx, lite tx or a newer standard tx (since 2017) you don’t need to worry about this – you got it installed.

In case you got a old standard trasmitter you can check if the wifi modul is installed:

– remove the crossfire from the jr-adapter and open it up
– flash your crossfire with fw 3.24 and check if you get a wifi network called „TBX_XF_AP_XXXXXXX „


You need to have your Crossfire installed in your radio and powerd up by it – otherwise the wifi modul does not get power.

In case you got ain’t got the wifi modul installed or no longer got the jr-adapter (e.g. x-lite mod) you can get one from different sources:

Note: TBS announced an extra WiFi module for external use with a different form factor. If you got time to wait for it to be available you don’t have to add your Module.


To initiate the wifi modul and start the TBS Cloud you need a few thing:
Crossfire Tx (affiliate)
– Crossfire FW 3.24
– the firmware-files for the wifi modul
Agent X, to flash the crossfire

initiate the wifi modul

  1. Update your Crossfire Tx

    Update your Crossfire to 3.24 or later

  2. Power up the Crossfire

    Plug in your Crossfire with the Jr-adapter in the modul bay of your radio and power it up

  3. Search for the wifi network

    The Crossfire will create a new network called „TBX_XF_AP_XXXXXXX“ crossfire_wifi_netwerk

  4. Connect to the wifi

    Connect your pc to the network. This can ake serveral seconds

  5. Visit the Crossfire web page

    open your browser and visit „“

  6. Update des Modul

    Click on „select firmware“ and select the extrackted *.bin file.
    here’s the link again:

  7. Start the update

    Click on „update“ and wait for a few seconds. The webpage will show you „update succesfull“ after a few seconds

  8. Wait for the reboot

    Do NOT turn off your Crossfire Modul or radio. Wait for the new network to appear

  9. Done

Now you peraired the wifi modul and the Crossfire for the connectiong with the Fusion modul. You now can connect your wifi modul to any network – the best would be your mobile phone as hotspot. The easyest way to connect it to a network is by Agent X or by the web-ui. When you done this you can connect your crossfire to the fusion and use the new features. Here you can read how to do this.