TBS Crossfire- Emergency Update

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Ich bin seit nun mehr 4 Jahren FPV- Pilot mit einem Fabel für die neuste Technik

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2 Responses

  1. Anthony Porreca sagt:

    Just a question how do u do a factory reset on the crossfire TX. Becasei I think I bricked that. Had a faulty USB cord while updating. Haven’t used my TX in about 8 months. No problems just figured I’d update and it was taking a long time to update so I moved the unit which then discovered loose faulty USB. It’s now just blinking green fast with no display and no software
    But still shows its connected to agent.

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      Hi anthony,

      for the tx it´s pretty easy – just hold the button on the tx while plugin in the usb cable – this starts the tx in bootloader mode and it will be like after a reset when you finished the update.

      as you haven´t updated your stuff for a long time start with 1.6X – for all receivers and the move to 2.24 (this will make the receivers unbricable)
      or – if you got a diversity rx or core pro/ fpvision you can run the “emergency update” for the receivers by the bst connection – this saves you the trouble with 1.6-2.4-actual firmware steps.

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