TBS Crossfire- Emergency Update

If you run a update for the TBS Crossfire it can happen that the update get corrupted or stops for many reasons. Therefore TBS has implemented several ways to get the receiver back to live.

Recovery options for the receviers

Standard Diversity Rx

The standard diversity receiver comes with a onboard usb connection. therefore you can connect the receiver with you TBS Agent and update him straight away.

Micro/ Nano/ Nano Diversity Rx

Self-update without extra hardware

Since FW 2.24 the Crossfire receivers stores a specific, „golden“ firmware inside. These golden firmwares getting updated from time to time. the last version was 2.88.
With this, you can run a emergency update without the need for any additional hardware.

Das Update erfolgt so:

  1. Hold the „bind“ button

  2. Power up the receiver

    The led starts to flash rapidly

  3. Release the button

    for about 1-2 seconds

  4. Push and hold the button again

    The green led starts to flash in a double-pattern. When it starts to flash rapidly again, you can release the button

  5. Wait till the update is finished

    When the reciver finished the update it will flash slowly

  6. Now the receiver is ready to bind

    You should power-cycle the receiver to avoid issues

Update by a Core Pro/ FPVision/ Standard Diversity Rx

In case the self update fails or if you falshed your receiver with a firware where it was not implemented (e.g. nano div. rx with fw < 2.88) you need to run the update by a TBS Core Pro/ FPVision or a standard Diversity Rx over BST and with the Agent X.

To power your reciver during this you need to take care about a few things:
The Standard Rx and the BST powermodul does not supply 5v to the BST line
– The FPVision supplys 5v to the BST only when yu connected a LiPo to it (not by USB!)
– The CorePro also provies power to the BST line just by USB
– The CorePro and the FPVision should be on FW 2.XX (Beta) or later

Attention: when you connect a FPVision, standard Diversity rx or a CorePro with the Agent X it will just show the device which is connected by USB (Core pro…). This is absolutly normal! You have to run the update for this device (choos a fw version you like). After the Update for this device is finished, the connected receiver get’s his update without any notification. The Crossfire FW flshed on the receiver will be the latest golden Firmware.

BST wiring

BST wire/ plug pinout

How to run the Update with each device, step-by-step

TBS Crossfire Emergency Update flowchart