TBS Crossfire- Emergency Update

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  1. Daniel sagt:

    Hi, has this happened to you? after releasing the button the second time, the green LED keeps flashing fast and then goes dark rather than flashing slowly. All LEDs turn off and just nothing happens.

  2. D.Wade sagt:

    Thanks for posting this. The method that you provided did not work for me, but I downgraded the firmware from 3.72 to 3.28 resolved my issue.

  3. apri sagt:

    [tbs nano receiver] I tried the emergency update, but it still doesn’t work. When plug a lipo the receiver immediately blinking green. my tx has update latest version. any solution?

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi apri,

      seams like the firmware on the rx is broken. you can try to flash it by a bst device with usb (descripted in this how to as well)

  4. B1z1o sagt:

    hi. got my crossfire nano diversity installed, powered it, started binding procedure with micro tx module (firmware 2.93), asked to update rx firmware, hit ok. it did all the updating firware stuff, right after it it didn’t bind. plugged out and in again lipo, now the nano diversity has no led light (nor green, nor red, nor flashin, nor solid… just nothing). If I press the bind button it goes on fast flashing green, if i press it again and hold it it goes in that other flashing green pattern, but then nothing, back to fast flashing green… impossible to bind. how should I solve? what did I do wrong? thanks

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi mate,
      you got a faulty fw on the receiver. run the emergency update and then re-update. if the issue remains – reupdate the tx and the retry to bind/ upgrade the rx

  5. JANIO K sagt:

    Hello Kamikatze

    I just bought my diversity and i’ve spent whole night trying to update/bind it.

    all wires connect as normal, plugged battery, flashing slow green, tried to upgrade and just says binding and nothing, diversity not recognise my micro tx.

    i have updated and downgraded multiple times all of the versions by agent x.

    tried hold the bind button and release and after hold again, and nothing.

    is just brand new, never being bind. any idea ?

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi janio,
      just a general note on the binding:
      power up the rx while the button is heald will force it in bootloader mode, which does not start any binding.

      my advice:
      – power up the rx
      – push the bind button once
      – set the tx in bind mode
      -> if the rx switches to red then wait for the update prompt on your radio/ lua etc
      –> if this promt does not appear, try to start the binding by the agent x (crossfire tx conencted to the pc)

      if you got a tango II:
      open the sd card
      erase the 2 files in the crossfire/ota folder and reupdate your crossfire by the agent x.

      at least one of those methodes should start the update and then the binding

  6. Ndar sagt:

    Hi, my nano rx cannotr bind with the TX then try your step to upgrade my nano rx, firstly it just like you say, the green led flash rapidly, and then I push bind button, it flashing in two pattern than rapidly, and then it dark for more than 2 minutes, because the fc temperature was raise then I decide to turn of my qwad, and when I start the qwad the led only flashing green, and still cannot bind with my TX

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi mate,
      you ot a broekn firmwaer on your receiver. you need to run the hardwaer- based emergency update to get it back working

  7. Oela sagt:

    My TX finds the receiver and ask to update. I press Ok, but then it stays at Preparing receiver. And the light on the receiver blinks every 12 -13. I tried to fix it with the emergency updaten, but it didn’t work.

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi oela,
      there is a little chance you might don’T need it. a post i found on faceboook mentionet that this might(!) solve it:
      – start the bindin,
      – disconnect the rx immetiadely from the battery
      – pulug it back it
      – now it should finish the binding/ updating or re-bind as usual

  8. Oela sagt:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah men this sucks big time! Could TBS not add a warning on the packaged not to update it with the old firmware!! Now it won’t bind and update the new firmware. It automatically updated it with the old firmware on my TX crossfire module. Now I need to spend extra money to fix it with a TBS Core Pro/ FPVision or a standard Diversity Rx. WAsted 60euro!

  9. Rick sagt:

    I screwed up a nano diversity and bought the TBS CORE Pro, and have tried to fix it but have had no luck. I have tried everything above. I have swapped scl and sda but no luck. Anything else I could Try?

  10. Mitch sagt:

    When updating my Crossfire Tx from 2.24 to 3.23, the update process halted on “Writing Update” and the transmitter continued to flash green.
    I unplugged the USB from the transmitter after a few hours and now when the transmitter is powered on, it flashes green as if it were updating and shows no text in the display.
    The Agent X can recognize the device, but shows the version as 0.00 and doesn’t attempt to flash any software.

    Is there an emergency update procedure for Crossfire tx?

  11. ryguy_fpv sagt:

    Thanks so much for this! I had accidentally bricked a brand new crossfire nano by unplugging power during the update (misinterpreted the micro tx LED colors). This worked – but one note, after releasing the button the second time, the green LED kept flashing fast and then went dark rather than flash slowly, so I was worried it didn’t work. But after about 20-30 seconds it started to flash slowly, and success!

  12. Twistedsocal sagt:

    I just want to know whats up with the nano rx losing the bind and not wanting to respond to the bind button. I managed to get it working with the hold when power on then release for 2 seconds then hold till double blink stops but still a pain

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      sounds like your receiver is broken. check for some missing smd-parts. might you find a empty spot. if so -> contact the tbs customer service and they’ll tell you which part you need to replace it

  13. Valentin Denzler sagt:

    After Binding and updating my diversity nano rx, the rx goes back to bind mode again. Transmitter first says “update ok”, then it looses the connection. Bindbutton is not pressed. Whould this emergency update work to solve this problem?

  14. Jace sagt:


    I am having the same issue as AirBurner where the LED turns solid green after the double flash pattern. Any update? Thank you

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi jace,
      sadly no – as he never send me a video or something. but i guess the fw file is corrupted – soul i ave to go with the core pro/ fpvision flashing method

  15. Airburner sagt:


    Push and hold the button again
    The green led starts to flash in a double-pattern. When it starts to flash rapidly again, you can release the button
    Rx goes straight into solid green light after a double pattern. I am extremely frustrated having the day ruined by hours of tries to run my quad.

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      could you send me a video with the beahvior of your revceiver by mail? this way i can help you and maybe forward it to remo (tbs software dev)

  16. joe sagt:

    hello, I tried updating my micro diversity through the core pro bst and agent x with no success. on agent x I can only update to FW 2.07 beta and you say I need to be at least FW 2.09 for the core pro, what do I do? I also noticed your bst pinout for the cable is different from the tbs manual. is that correct?\

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi joe,
      you are right – i got the scl and sda twisted. i’ll update it asap.
      The fw version was related to the fpvision. just use the latest (beta) version for the device to be safe.

  17. artyom sagt:

    hi. tell me please. I accidentally updated diversity nano rx through agent 2.4. now there is no bind. agent “x” has updated the transmitter to tbc. but there is no way to connect it. I am from Russia, no one has core pro / fpvision here. There may still be restart options. The option with clamping and fast blinking did not help.

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi artyom,
      sadly there is no chance without a core pro etc to get it back working.
      you can try to bind(with fw 3.9x or later) and as soon as the receiver will connect – unplug the rx battery. now retry. this CAN save it. but at the end of the day you’ll need a core pro etc to get it back. maybe you can finde one on ebay or cheap or send the rx back to your shop

  18. Allan Melo sagt:

    I had success with the emergency process update in a Micro RX V2 (couldn’t update by OTA at all), but no success with a nano diversity, I binded using version 2.24 in my transmitter, now it’ is bricked forerver, could you help me please ?

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi allan,
      in your case you need a core pro/fpvision/standard div. rx to get it back working.
      if your agent x (not the old one!) runns straight throu the update of the usb device, try swapping scl and sda

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