TBS Crossfire- CRSF Protokoll with Betaflight-English

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8 Responses

  1. Jeffry sagt:

    i use BFF3 with 3.2.5firmware, XF micro,
    i only get 1rss,FM,rxbt telemetry on my x9d+

    but i still can change PID and vtx setting…

  2. Jonathan sagt:

    This tutorial saved me once, Thanks ! …. but after a update … it doesn’t work anymore.
    I’m using Crossfire on the latest firmware (V2.11), Micro Rx, Elite Bundle on 2.01 for the OSD and Betaflight 3.2.1.
    I get a message (waiting for CRSF).
    I did set CRSF in both the Micro RX and Betaflight. I tried both uart 2 and 3 in betaflight, but none worked.
    I tried the AC Calibration with Read Cleanflight RC Data … didn’t work either.
    I’m still getting the WAITING FOR CRSF
    Do you have any idea where the issue might be ?

  3. Hi Kamikatze,
    Is it possible to modify betaflight parameters in the goggles by the osd/sticks of the taranis
    as usual?
    Thnx for the response

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hi benoit,
      you can- if you have a osd that support it – like the minim osd or a core por/ fpvision.
      if you switch to crsf it´s nothing else than switching from ppm to sbus.
      your fc will decode the signal and let you navigate throu the osd like bevore.

  4. KamiKatze sagt:

    not yet – if you mean the setup with a bf fc.

  5. dienstag sagt:

    Any update on pids and vtx-control via crossfire?

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