TBS Crossfire- CRSF Protokoll with Betaflight-English

Hier findest du die deutsche Anleitung.

Over the last year the CRSF has been implemented in even more TBS gadgets.
Now you can find it in the Taranis, the Core and now in Betaflight.

What are the advantages?

The CRSF (V2) brings the following upgrades:

  • 4x faster than SBUS
  • CRC protection
  • R/C data will also be send (like on „PPM over MAVLink)
  • Telemetry capable

Where it´s still used:

  • Transmitting the telemetry data to the R/C Controller
  • Transmitting the R/C to the Receiver
  • Transmitting the settings for the Core Pro/ FPVision


  • Transmitting the R/C Signals to the Crossfire TX modul
  • Change the Transmitter/ Receiver Settings (Lua Script)

What´s new is the use in BetaFlight.
Actually only the RC Datas will be send but PID´s and FC Settings will might follow.
To the Transmitter you now can readout the Battery Voltage, Current,
used Capacity, Flight Mode and the Angle of you axes.

Before you start

In this article i´ll use the TBS COLIBRI FC but you can do this with every FC that you like.
What you need:

Now you need to connect Pin 7/8 (Diversity RX) or Pin 1/2 (Micro RX) to the UART of your FC.
At the moment there is no way to use the telemetry if you have a Micro RX V1.
Within the next updates for the Crossfire it should be possible to use the CRSF protocoll and the Telemetry by the BST connection.

The COLIBRI FC hase only the RX Pin on UART 2. So for now you need to use the UART 3 Pin´s.

On the Cueb PDB V2 an on the FPVision you can still use UART 2 as the RX and TX are avalible on the bords.
If you what to use it that way you need t get a separate power and ground connection for your rx – e.g. by the BST.

Wiring diagram:

Micro V1 RX

Mirco V2 RX

Diversity RX

BetaFlight UART

Pin 1 TX

Pin 1 TX

Pin 8 TX



Pin 2 RX

Pin 7 RX


TBS Crossfire

When you installed all the connections it´s time to set the crossfire up for it.

Therefore you need open the RX menu on the Crossfire TX
Crossfire Menue_new_01

Cofigure the Pinouts by the Output Mapping manu

Depending on your RX you need to configure the right pins for the serial protocoll.
On the Diversity RX you only need to set Out 8 to CRSF TX, on the Micro V2 Out 1 to CRSF TX.
The RX channel will be configured automaticly.

Crossfire Menue_new_crsf setup_01

To get the full potential of the CRSF protokoll you need to enable the telemetry.
While the transmitting speed is set automatically by the Quality of the link you can´t set the Speed manually.
This is the reason why the settings for „SBUS Rate“ is no longer available. The Crossfire always use the highest refresh rate possible.

To maximise the speed of the transmission you also shall set you channel number to 8 if you don´t need 12.

Settings for Betaflight

The last thing you need to set up is Betaflight.
Therefore you need to connect your FC with the PC and open the Betaflight app.
First you need to configure the port.
Open the „Ports“ tab.
betaflight crsf setup 01
Disable „Serial RX“ on UART 2 and enable it for UART 3, save.

Now go to „Configuration“, select „Serial-based receiver“ and selcet „CRSF“ as provider.
betaflight crsf setup 02
betaflight crsf setup 03

Now where all Settings are done it´s time to serach for the seonsors.
Open the Taranis menu an go to „TELEMETRY“.
Click on „search sensors“ and wait a moment.
FRSKY Taranis- sensorensuche
If you already done it before you´ll need to delete the old sensors and reedo the search.

The new Sensors are: Curr, Capa, Ptch, Roll, Yaw and FM.
frsky taranis - crsf sensoren
Actualy this datas will be updated ons per second what´s not pretty fast but might will become faster in a future update.

The Crossfire datas (RSSI, LQ…) will also be found. You can find a explantation on this sensor here: German manual

Problem with the TBS FPVision/ TBS Core Pro

In the older Core Pro/ FPVision firmware the crsf/bf code was not implemented. This problem is fixed in the latest firmware versions. So if your OSD says „unknown protocol“ you should update your OSD to the latest Beta firmware.

A nother problem that you might discover: The Core Pro/ FPVision can´t find your rx even with the latest firmware and all your wirings are ok. This happens because the OSD waits for a input on UART2. If you used UART 3 or 1 you need do go in the OSD menu under GENERAL/ FLIGHTCONTROLLER/ CALIBRATION/ RC CALIBRATION/ GET DATA FROM FC. Now your Core pulls the informations (endpoint, channel order etc) from your fc.