TBS Agent – BETA Firmware

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  1. Jürg Weber sagt:

    Hallo, wie kann ich die Empfängerspannung mit meinem Crossfire System ( TX Lite and Nano RX ) ohne Flight Controller auf meiner Radiomaster TX16S darstellen? Ich habe noch keine Lösung gefunden! Gruss Didi aus der Schweiz.

  2. Ronald Kennedy sagt:

    Hi: I have just purchased the TBS Micro Tx Bundle , I just found your website it kinda shows me about getting Telemetry using a pixhack. i have a Horus Tx FW is 2.3.11 i have the TBS Micro Tx using the TBS nano Rx and a pixhawk 1 also i have a Pix Cube and i’m trying to get telem at least RSSI and maybe Bat voltage to display to be able to do long range flying of 5 kilometers Max without getting a Fail safe/crash this is why i got the TBS Crossfire system i looked at the settings on the web site and what setting you did on a full size TBS Module and on this Micro Module in crossfire settings i don’t see any of the settings you had that shows how to set it up so i know this was done almost 4 yrs ago and i hoping you can hep me get this going it will be appreciated so i’ll wait and hope to hear from you Thanks. R.K

    • KamiKatze sagt:

      hey ronald,
      i haven’t updated my articles since a long time as i’m write/ update the official tbs manuals since 3 years now.

      in general:
      – connect your crossfire by mavlink to the fc,
      – set the rx to mavlink
      – enable rc by mavlink (if you use crossfire 4.xx or later you can use mavlink v2 with more than just 8 channels)
      – set up the uart accoring to the crossfire manual (my paramter list is no longer up to date!)

      if you want to have the rssi(lq) and lipo warning in your radio, you can do this by the special functions and logical switch page.
      – search for sensors while your drone is pwoer up and the link is running
      – set up a logical switch like this:
      ls01 a set this to your warning voltage level)
      ls02 a

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